Dry manicure & pedicure is
Dry manicure & pedicure is a contemporary nail care technique that stands out for its emphasis on meticulous precision and the absence of water during the process. Unlike traditional manicures & pedicure, which often involve soaking the nails in water to soften them, a dry manicure & pedicure focuses on working with dry nails from start to finish.
Wrapping Up with Relaxation:
To cap it all off, we'll treat you to a nice, soothing massage with some moisturizing cream. Your hands or feet will feel oh-so-soft and pampered
Tips for Keeping Them Looking Fresh:
Lastly, we might share some tips to help you maintain your manicure or pedicure
Prepping and Keeping It Clean:
Before we start your dry manicure or pedicure, we make sure everything's squeaky clean and sanitized. We'll get your hands or feet ready and also ensure all our tools are good to go

First things first, we'll remove any old polish, shape your nails just how you like them, and gently tidy up those cuticles for a neat look
Getting Your Nails Started:
Adding Some Flair:
Let's jazz up those nails! You can choose your favorite designs and colors, and we'll apply them precisely for a polished finish
Nail TLC Time:
Now, we use these special drill bits to gently clean up any excess cuticles and smooth out your nail surface. It's like giving your nails a fresh start
It is safe?
Absolutely. As with any beauty treatment, dry manicures can be safe, when performed by trained and experienced nail technicians. Our salon employs only professionals who are constantly improving their skills.
During the procedure, the master does not use cutting tools. In addition, this type of procedure allows us to guarantee absolute sterility and eliminate the possibility of infections.
We love dry manicure & pedicure because
Saves Time:
While a dry manicure & pedicure is being done, you have the opportunity to mind your business on the phone or, on the contrary, relax. In addition, a dry manicure & pedicure lasts on average 3-4 weeks, so you won’t have to think about updating your manicure & pedicure for almost a month!
Taking care of your nails:
Notice how your nails become fragile, pale, and easy to bend and break after being immersed in the pool or bathtub? The same thing happens when you soak your nails during a wet manicure & pedicure treatment. When done often, it could affect nail health and beauty. A dry manicure & pedicure simply hydrates the nails and does not cause any weakening of the nail bed.
Elevated Nail Aesthetics:
The careful focus on details during a dry manicure & pedicure guarantees neatly groomed nail edges, creating a perfectly smooth and even surface that facilitates flawless application of nail color.
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