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Dry manicure & pedicure is actually improve nail health
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Dry manicure & pedicure
This is a safer and more advanced approach to manicure and pedicure. For those who value time, health and aesthetics

Benefits of dry manicure & pedicure
In a dry manicure, where water is not used, there are no breeding grounds for bacteria, unlike when using water bowls during a traditional manicure.
Average mani pedi uses up to 10 gallons of water: we use zero.
Careful attention to detail in a Russian manicure ensures tidy nail edges, resulting in a smooth surface for flawless nail color application.
Dry manicure can last up to four weeks.
Price List
Dry manicure
Gel manicure (short nails)
Gel manicure (medium/long nails)
Dry pedicure 60 min
Gel pedicure 80 min
KART pedicure 90 min
free gel/polish
Express pedicure 40 min
Spa care 20 min
scrab, paraffin, bath & relax massage
Gel polish 15 min
Complex nail correction 30 min
Gel removal 15 min
Nail repair with gel/polygel 10 min
(1 fingernail)
Acrylic removal 30 min
Nail extension 120 min
Nail extension correction 90 min
Design Popular 10-15 min
nail art paiting, sculpture gel etc.
(1 fingernail/toenail)
Design WOW 15 min
complicated nail art painting, sculpture gel etc.
(1 fingernail/toenail)
French/reverse french/chrome 10 min
(full hand)
Kids manicure 30 min
Gentle nail trim, shape and cuticle care
Kids pedicure 30 min
Gentle nail trim, shape and cuticle care
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Investments from 60 000 $
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