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This means that 4hands masters will give you a manicure and pedicure twice as fast! If you need an urgent manicure, the 4hands' salons always have an available master who can take you without a booking!
Manicure and pedicure in four hands is the branded service.
We guarantee
If something happens to the coating, we will redo it for free within 5 days
Five Day Fix Policy
We take care of the safety of employees and guests
and sterility
Qualified certified specialists with extensive work experience.
Professional nail artists
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your beauty
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About Us
We provide a full range of manicure and pedicure services. High quality, amazing service and a huge selection of cosmetics — this is all you will get in our studio. You can buy care cosmetics, different gel polish and 4hands gift certificates of different denominations.
The 4hands’ international chain salons work within high standards of service and quality. A wide range of services allows you to choose the perfect manicure and pedicure just for you.
A specialty service of the 4hands brand — “set in 4 hands” will save you twice the time with simultaneous performing of procedure.

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Open a profitable 4hands studio of manicure and pedicure in your city
Profit from 6000 $
Investments from 60 000 $
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We’re always looking for talented professionals. Send a resume if you have experience working in premium beauty salons, you want to grow and you know how to work in a team, and if you can prove your experience in your portfolio, send us your resume.